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It is better to Know

it is better to know

If you think to open an e-commerce and to extend the promotion of its brand and its products to the world of social media, here you will find the essential tool to create a right Social Media Strategy.

It is a social listening tool to measure the presence of its activities on social networks and more used to know one of its direct competitors. It have free use you can engage in a social media monitoring between 12 platforms, including WordPress.

Facebook Audience Insights
One of the main tools provided by Facebook, Audience Insights gives the possibility to analyze, after selecting the characteristics of a target audience, demographics, the “Like” on the page, place, activity, Nucleus, Purchase.

Simply Measured
A monitoring platform dedicated to the analysis of Facebook fan page. The data, have a high degree of detail and can provide: analysis of the best posts in each category, the number of “likes”, comments and shares, analysis of the various types of content, the internal cross-references to the community of fans, and the data of each individual competitor.

Another Facebook free tool that allows you to assign a score to each statistical parameter analyzed starting from the completeness of the information of the page. It start by the number of visits, up to the comparison with the pages of competitors.

it is the reference point of all the tools of social media management, which are also extensions available for Firefox as Hootlet, also installed on Chrome and Safari. Hootsuite is one of the most comprehensive and effective tool, able to handle multiple company accounts simultaneously.

simple and intuitive way to share content on major social networks. It can prove very useful for small e-commerce companies that do not have the time or ability to handle many social channels simultaneously. Buffer allows you to manage with different profiles.

Twitter showdown
Showdown allows you to create infographics comparison between two different Twitter accounts. A simple and effective tool to monitor the effectiveness of social media strategy of direct competitors.

Social Mention
Important tool to track conversations about the brand and to monitor the perception of the products in the focal point of online discussion.


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